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  • Classic and Fashionable Overcoat Designs

  • Cashmere Blends & Heavy Wool Fabrics Available

  • Custom Sizing and Preferred Fit

  • Quality Craftsmanship

  • Long, Short, & 3/4 Lengths Available

  • Custom Details to Create a Look Specific to You

100% Wool weight:  gr. 540 - 570

Cashmere & Wool Blend weight: gr. 610

100% Cashmere weight: gr. 300-460

Fabric Book: 28 CAPPOTTI

Italian made fabrics that represents a complete selection of solid print fabrics, suited to create warm, soft coats and overcoats with a modern and tailored look. Enjoy a unique fabric sold only by a select few in North America and know it is yours.

Cashmere & Wool Blend

weight: gr. 380-530

Fabric Book: VIP Cashmere Blazer & Coat

Complete set of solid fundamental coat colours for the classic style and look. VIP fabric provides the essentials for the closet with a fabric weight to protect from the harsh winter. Paired with our tailored fit and our quality, you will reach for this coat all season.

Begin By Selecting A Base Design

From there we select various styles and details such as:

Lapel Style - Contrast Stitching - Under Collar Selection - Pocket Styles - Belt Styles - Lining