What should I expect during my first appointment?

Our Tailoring consultants will guide you through the process of designing your suit, measuring your suit, and fitting your suit. It is also important for us to take some time to understand your needs and lifestyle to ensure the suit matches your personality. 

How long do the appointments last?

Appointments can vary between 30 – 90 minutes. This includes selecting and designing your custom suit as well as measurements/fitting. Perfection cannot be rushed, and we don’t plan to.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Suits and shirts take between 4 – 5 weeks

A final fitting will be done to ensure that the customer and tailoring consultant is satisfied with the fit and feel of the suit. This process takes about 15 minutes.  

What happens if I need alterations?

All alterations are taken care of for the first 3 months. Alteration times vary depending on scope of work and the season. It will normally be done within a two week period.

Do you use fusing, half canvas, or full canvas?

All suits are made with a full canvas piece. We could not overlook the added benefits that a full canvas provides for our clients style, functionality, and durability.

How do I make an appointment?

Please leave us an e-mail and one of our tailoring consultants will contact you. 

What are your suit prices?

Our suits start at $900 depending on fabric. This includes the following details of the suit;

  • Contrasting Button Stitch Colour

  • Colour & Pattern Lining Selection

  • Felt Under Collar Colour

  • Horn Button Selection

  • Lapel Top Stitching

  • Fully Canvassed

What are your shirt prices?

Our dress shirts start at $150 depending on fabric. This includes the following details of the shirt if you choose to;

  • Collar selection

  • Cuff selection

  • Monogram

  • Collar and Cuff Pattern Point design

  • Contrasting Collar and Cuff material