Summer / Beach Wedding Attire

Destination Weddings - Summer Weddings - Or Summer Suits

It is hard to look formal in the blazing heat on a beautiful destination wedding, or walking to work on a warm summer afternoon in Toronto. There are plenty of solutions to overcome the heat and still pull off a fantastic look.

Choosing a Fabric

Tropical Wool - Light Weight / Breathable / Proper Suit Draping / Full Canvas

Tropical Wool is a fantastic fabric for suiting and allows air to breath through the suit. With this light weight fabric it won't weigh you down, ensuring that you feel comfortable in the heat. Linen fabrics are also very good for keeping cool, however we feel that the tropical wool provides a more elegant and formal look as Linen tends to wrinkle more.

Removing the Lining

Unlined Suiting - All Season Fabric / Seam Piping / Classic Styles / Full Canvas

By pairing an all season fabric with unlined construction you will have a light weight suit with one less layer of fabric blocking the air. All season fabrics are at your disposal, but with this element you have the option to choose the piping for the suit as well. This creates another interesting custom element to the suit as well. All of our unlined suits still come with our standard full canvas.

Always go Full Canvas

Full Canvased - Non Bonded / Floating / Full

A full canvas suit ensures that there is no glue in between the fabrics of your suit. Glue that is commonly ironed on to the fabric will fill in the holes of the fabric preventing the suit from "breathing". This prevents natural air to pass through as well as your own body heat. This is one of the many benefits of having a full canvas suit.