Valentines Reminder

Valentines Day is coming up and this is just a reminder to you all you gents that may have forgotten. Our team at MODERATION have a few tips for you when planning a date with your significant other.

1. Phones away

This should be a pretty obvious tip but often overlooked. It is important to give your undivided attention to your partner whether it is during dinner or a nice walk outside. A romantic moment can be ruined with a slight glance at your phone. This is a two way street though, so remind your partner to put the phone away as well.

2. Put effort into your looks

This is not a ploy to get you to buy one of our made to measure garments but to remind you why it is important to look your best. It lets your partner know that they matter and that you put real effort into being presentable. The mindset you have going into an interview should be the same when going on a date. You want to show that their opinion matters and how you groom yourself and dress is a reflection of that statement.

3. Be thoughtful in your plans

Whether you go out for a nice dinner or choose to stay in that night show that you put some thought into your plans. If you decide to watch a movie at home go the extra mile and have their favourite snacks ready in a bowl. Clean the area or have clean blankets ready. Showing this kind of effort lets the other person know that this was not just a last minute idea. Have after dinner plans as well to really show you had a full scheduled worked out. Take a nice walk at an important path or bake some cookies you can both enjoy together.

Good Luck

and remember to start planning now!